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We’re a locally-owned, small business located in N. Virginia. We provide fast, and affordable computer repair service for all of your desktops and laptops, regardless of type and manufacturer. We believe in our team of experts who are happy to help anyone–from those who’ve used computers all their life to those just getting started with one.

We provide professional computer repair, sales, and services, ranging from virus removal to data backup and recovery.

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System Optimization

Your computer running slow? We can clean, upgrade and optimize it. Why spend all of that money on a new one, when we can speed it up for a fraction of the cost?!

Threat Prevention

Using our proven tools and techniques, we will protect your computer from outside threats.

Malware & Virus Removal

We have the tools and expertise to recover your system from a malware or virus attack.

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Computer Repair & Technology Service

We can identify and resolve performance issues that might be affecting your PC by conducting comprehensive diagnostics that will address a range of different system issues. Whether it’s cleaning up your drive, optimizing performance or improving your privacy and security, Glacier Geeks has you covered.

Trained Cybersecurity Experts

Virus, Ransomware or Malware?
We can fix it for you!


Our Commitment

No matter how big or how small your repair, our elite team is prepared to tackle it and resolve the issue to your full satisfaction. The experts at Glacier Geeks are specialists in operating system management, repair, hardware replacement, software updates and fixes, and much more.

PC & Mac Repair

We determine the cause of a problem by isolating the component, device, software or module causing the faulty behavior. After fault isolation is accomplished, we initiate an action plan to get your system running at its optimal level.

Data Recovery Services

Hard drive failure? Doesn’t show up when plugged in? Don’t lose your valuable data, let us help.

Security Solutions

We can help protect your device from outside threats. Keep your data safe, secure and out of the prying eyes of hackers.

Computer & Laptop Repair Services

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Computer Diagnostics

Computer running slow? We’ll check it out and see what is causing it.

Virus & Malware Removal

Virus scan detect, identify, resolve. Protect you moving forward.

Cleaning & Tune-ups

Tune and optimize the operating system, remove unwanted programs & files and run Windows updates.

Screen Replacement

Most makes and models, laptops and all-in-ones.

Drive & Motherboard Repair

Hardware and software are replaced and restored. Computer parts: Hard drives, batteries, power adapters, power and USB port repair as well as broken hinges.

Data Recovery & Transfer

If you accidentally deleted, or need to wipe multiple files, we can recover, transfer and protect your data.

Software Help

We’ll perform software installs, updates or uninstalls while you sit back and relax.

Recovery Media Creation

We lay the groundwork to recover your operating system and software if your system ever fails.

Data Backup & Transfer

We set up one-time or weekly data backups to external drives and migrate it to a new PC upon request.


Our Approach to Servicing You

We make a promise of honesty and full transparency to each and every client. Customer satisfaction and trust are paramount. Every step of the repair process is fair and there are no surprises or secrets. We don’t push anything you don’t need or set you up for disappointment.

In short, we deliver.

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