Power Port Repair

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When you plug in your power connector to your laptop, does it feels loose? If it does then you could need a replacement motherboard power jack. A motherboard dc jack can fix a problem that otherwise would cost you between $200-$1000 for a replacement motherboard. But a motherboard DC jack or replacement power jack/notebook jack will fix the problem at a fraction of the cost!!

If the only way you can turn on your computer is to hold the power plug at an angle or wiggle it, you have a bad DC jack (Power Jack). Replacing the DC jack can save you hundreds of dollars over the price of a new motherboard. We provide a quick turnaround time for power jack repair on your motherboard.  Replacing a DC Jack is very complicated and not for novices. The laptop must be first completely disassembled and next the faulty jack must be de-soldered and replaced. Finally, the laptop is reassembled. Without the proper expertise and tools, you can cause serious damage to your motherboard or other components.

Bad Power Port Symptoms:
– Laptop won’t start unless the power cable is wiggled or at an angle.
– Laptop will randomly charge or switch between battery and AC power.
– Laptop will run off battery power but not AC

DC Power Port Failure:

DC Jacks normally fail from oxidation due to normal wear and tear or universal adapter tips that don’t fit snuggly, both cause the jack to wiggle around which weakens the solder joints and damages the jack. Laptop motherboards start around $200 and can exceed a thousand dollars depending on the model. Replacing the bad jack is often less expensive than replacing the motherboard.

We service all brands of Desktop and Laptop computers, including Apple, Dell, HP, Compaq, Lenovo, Sony Vaio, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Samsung, eMachines, Gateway, Alienware, and many others.


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